First Day of Tot School

Today was our first day of official Tot School, after spending a little bit of time yesterday creating our first Tot School Boxes (you can read about what I put in each of them here).

While I was at work this morning, Jeremy and Peanut did some learning with her Bottle Caps and the diaper wipes container (putting the caps in, taking them out, dumping from one container to another, learning the letters and animals that are on some of the lids).

When I unexpectedly got home from work early today, we decided to go out for a late breakfast/brunch, and Peanut almost lost her mind that we were leaving the box of pom poms behind. So I dumped some of them into the diaper wipes container to bring with us.

While we waited for our food to come, we dumped the pom poms on the table for her and she had tons of fun stuffing them back into the diaper wipes container over and over while we talked about the different colors and sizes of the poms (she knows orange and blue, but the rest we are still working on).

After nap time, Peanut was still very interested in the poms, so I pulled them back out along with the two empty baby food containers. This time I pulled out five green and five orange poms in the same size (scaffolding learning talks about meeting a child at a stage they know, and then slowly expanding that knowledge to the next level. I picked a color she knew, and a color she hasn’t been identifying yet). We dumped them on a plate and then used a spoon and our fingers to put them into the two containers.


She was doing pretty good at first with keeping the colors separate, but after a little while it devolved into her just playing with the poms and scooping them all up in both hands and stuffing them into the containers.


It didn’t go entirely as I’d planned, but that’s ok. She still had a ton of fun with the poms today, we worked on identifying the color green, and she learned about gravity while using the spoon to transfer the poms from cup to cup.

And, of course, when she saw me taking pictures of Tot School, she wanted a selfie, too!


For more ideas on Tot School, check out the original Tot School blog, and her Weekly Link Up.


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