Free 2016 Yearly Planner Page!


Did you ever hear the saying “Whatever you do while you procrastinate is what you should be doing for life?” Well, every so often I come across this phrase, and what I really love doing is creating things! And one of the things I really enjoy creating is planner pages.

I absolutely love planners, and half many of them floating around the house. Currently I utilize two to run my daily life. Both are half-page Arc planners.


One comes with me everywhere and has my monthly schedule, daily schedule, meal plan, project planner (mostly crafting stuff), my habit tracker, and some lined note pages in the back for the running lists of things that go through my head (books I should read, new crafts I want to try, etc).

The second one is my household management planner. It is basically a compilation of all of the things I used to have scattered in various notebooks, binders, and papers all around the house, now in one convenient planner. In the front I have emergency contact numbers, then recipes, household remedies (which oils/herbs are good to help with what) and recipes (for things like countertop spray, cloth diaper stripping/bleaching ratios, etc), family info (birthdays, socials, allergies, medicines, as well as clothing sizes, and a wish list for each family member so I remember things when Christmas and birthdays roll around), vehicle maintenance info, pet info, home info (paint colors, warranty info, etc), an address book, and a financial tab (a debt tracker, a budget sheet, and monthly expenses tracker to make sure we stay on target).

Now, for my current planners, I pulled pages from all over the internet and mashed them all together in order to have both books ready to go for the new year. However, I am not happy with many (MANY) of the pages. They are nice pages, but they don’t suit my needs perfectly (for instance, the family info sheet has a space for baptism date on it, which doesn’t apply to our family). As well, many of the pages were resized down from full-size sheets, and as such they don’t fit nicely, or the wording ended up blurred, or the lines a little too small to actually write in. They work for now, but eventually I want to replace all of the pages in the two planners with my pages of my own creation.

Here’s where this might interest you! As I create the pages for my planners, I will be uploading PDF versions of them here for you to download and use in your own planners! Yay!

So for today, here is a yearly planner page – half size, double page spread (fits in an A5 or half-page planner).

2016 Yearly Planner Page – Color Version

2016 Yearly Planner Page BW – Black and White Version


Please note that these planner pages are for personal use only.


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