Free Printable Weekly Blog Overview Planner Page

Today I realized how badly I need to start keeping track of my blog, as I start to post every day, and start driving traffic (I’m sure all of you who run successful blogs can understand that too!). So I designed a page to give me a quick overview of what’s planned for the blog this week, what still needs to be done, and notes.

Blog Weekly Overview

First, I write the date in next to the day of the week. Then I fill in all of the post titles I have planned for each day of the week.

The boxes underneath are to keep track of social media follow-ups for each individual post. I write the initials of each type of social media interaction (F for Facebook, I for Instagram, P for Pinterest, etc), and then check off each box as I make sure it is completed after the blog post has been released. I often write my posts ahead of time and schedule them at least one day in advance, so this helps me make sure I’m following up to drive traffic back to the site regarding each post, and that none of them get lost or forgotten. Even if I fall behind for a day or two, I can still see exactly what has and hasn’t been linked to each social media hub.

The To Do section helps me list out any ongoing or future things I’d like to do, but haven’t had the time to do yet, for me to tackle as I have time (like “Research Link Parties,” “Plan Next Week’s Posts,” or “Create a Twitter Account”).

The Notes section at the bottom is for just that – notes. “Didn’t post ____ article today because I was sick. Reschedule for next Tuesday,” “_____ article got a lot of positive feedback, write follow-up?” etc.

You can utilize these sections in a myriad of different ways to help you keep track of your blog on a weekly basis without an overwhelming amount of detail.

Here are your PDF download links:

Blog Weekly Overview and Checklist Color

Blog Weekly Overview and Checklist BW

(Would you rather have a monthly overview? Check out our Monthly Blog Planner here!)


Please note that these planner pages are for personal use only.


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