Free Printable Craft Swap Organizer

One of my friends on a craft website requested a page to help keep her craft swaps organized, and I thought it was a great idea for me, too!

Ongoing Craft Swap Organizer

Previously I was using lined paper and trying to cram a bunch of information onto one or two lines, and doodling little boxes for myself to check off at each stage of the craft swap… This is so much prettier! And nicer! And yay! So thank you, thank you, alwaysinmyroom for requesting this!

This particular page is designed for the “ongoing” craft swap style, rather than larger craft swaps with just one partner. I will be making another page for that style of craft swap (probably tomorrow -winkwink-), so hang in there! Here is the link to the “big swap” style planner!

So for this page, you have the Swap Name section on top, then alternating sending and receiving sections. This helps you keep track of who you need to send things out to, who you are expecting packages from, and when the due date is for each item.

Then I included my standard 4 box system that I’ve used for years. When sending or receiving an item, you check each box as the item is completed by either you or your partner. When sending, check when you’ve made/completed the item, when you’ve taken pictures of it (can’t tell you how many times I forgot this step before I started using my 4 box system), when you’ve sent it, and when your partner receives it. When receiving, check when your partner has sent it (so you remember to check the mail!), when you receive it, when you’ve taken pictures of it, and when you’ve posted those pictures in the swap gallery for everyone to ooh and ahh over.

I really hope you like the page (and my super special 4 box system, haha)!

Ongoing Swap Organizer Color

Ongoing Swap Organizer BW


Please note that these planner pages are for personal use only.




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