Free Printable Monthly Blog Planner

I myself have been needing this Free Printable Monthly Blog Planner page for about a week now, to keep track of which posts I have scheduled, and whether they have been written/prepped, promoted, etc. Today I finally sat down and put it together.

Blog Monthly Planner.JPG

It is very similar to my Monthly Calendar page (almost identical, in fact), with the exception of the check boxes at the bottom of each day. I do love my check boxes! I write in the initial of whatever needs to happen for that post, and check it off once it’s completed. For this use, I write in the initials W, S, and P, which stand for “Written,” “Scheduled,” and “Promoted.” This helps me keep track of all of the posts I have going in my brain, and making sure I have followed up, even if the Weekly Overview page has already been moved out of my planner at the end of the week.

As with my other monthly calendar, this is offered in Monday start or Sunday start.

Monday Start:

Blog Monthly Planner Color

Blog Monthly Planner BW Monday Start

Sunday Start:

Blog Monthly Planner Color – Sunday Start

Blog Monthly Planner BW – Sunday Start

(If you need more detail for each blog post, be sure to check out our Weekly Blog Overview!)


Please note that these planner pages are for personal use only.

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