Free Printable Debt Tracker

One thing that I always wish I had was a Debt Tracker, so that as I make payments on my car loan, I know how much I have left to pay off, and how long it’s going to take me. So today I made one!

Debt Tracker

You fill in the starting debt in the top section. Then you fill in how much you have left each month in the boxes. As you make a payment each month, you check off the box. There is plenty of space next to these sections to write other information (I used it to write the year) or motivational quotes and stuff. In the bottom section, you can either write the remaining balance to be carried over to the following year, OR you can fill it in with “PAID OFF!” like I did on mine (because I will be paid off by the end of 3 years).

Here is a picture of mine, so you can see how I utilized the different sections.

My Debt Tracker.JPG

Here are your downloadable debt trackers:

Debt Tracker Color

Debt Tracker BW


Please note that these planner pages are for personal use only.

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