Free Printable Weekly Tot School Planner

Today I created a free printable Weekly Tot School Planner for you guys with toddlers!

Weekly Tot School Planner

We “officially” started doing Tot School with Peanut just before Christmas, but we have been unofficially doing it for much longer (before, I didn’t know what it was called/that there WAS such a thing, and I didn’t plan anything out in advance). Now that I’m only working on the weekends, I have more time to devote to actually planning activities and putting together tot boxes for her (we use boxes, not trays, in our house).

That being said, I needed a planning page (of course!). Every week I try to have a theme in mind – this can be a specific theme (holiday, a specific animal, a habitat, a letter, a color, etc), or it can be more general (gross motor skills, outdoor play, water play, etc).

The six small boxes are for you to plan your tot boxes/tot trays. I fill these in the week before, along with any other supplies I need prior to the start of the week. As for actually buying supplies, trust me when I say you have PLENTY of stuff already around your house to do tot school!

However, my two favorite stores to hit up when I’m looking for something specific are the Dollar Tree and the 99 cent store. I only allow myself to spend $5 per week on tot school supplies, so these places give me the biggest bang for my buck. For example, leading up to Christmas, I purchased a set of giant jingle bells, some Christmas foam stickers, and some Christmas erasers. At home I already had Christmas cookie cutters, and I printed out Christmas coloring pages and a snowman outline to use with some letter stamps I already had. Tot school for Christmas week: $3.24.

Then you have sections for each day of the week. You can either use these boxes to plan your week with your tot, OR fill them out with the activities and skills that your tot actually practiced (as you know, sometimes tot school plans get derailed), to help you keep track of what skills could use some more work in the future, and which skills your tot is mastering and may be ready to grow on.

The last section is just Notes: to yourself, ideas for future tot school plans, what worked well, what was a disaster… whatever!

I really hope you enjoy the Tot School Planner!

Weekly Tot School Planner Color

Weekly Tot School Planner BW


Please note that these planner pages are for personal use only.


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