Perpetual Monthly Calendar Printable

Today I decided to tackle the monthly calendar spread. Personally, I need the 2-page spread when utilizing the half-letter size planners. Otherwise the boxes are way too small to actually write anything in.

Perpetual Monthly Calendar

I made the decision to go with a perpetual calendar rather than one with the month and days pre-written in. The nice thing about this is that you can print off a bunch of copies and not worry about making sure the months line up properly in your planner. The (slight) downside is having to number the days every month. Personally, I don’t mind it.

I also added a notes column on the right-hand side – in my planner I use this column to keep track of things I need to do that don’t have a set goal date in mind, or things that I know need to be done in that specific month (for instance, every 3 months I need to take my wedding ring in to be cleaned/inspected, so I write this at the top of the notes section in February, May, August, and November, that way I don’t forget). Other things you could fill in would be car registration months, annual doctor/vet visits, etc.). Stuff that has a specific goal date either goes in the monthly calendar or on the daily once it’s approaching (I only print 1-2 weeks worth of daily schedules at a time, so my planner doesn’t get too massive).

Personally, I like the Monday-start schedule because that is the way mine and Jeremy’s work puts out our schedules. But I have also made a Sunday-start schedule for those of you that start your week the proper way.

Perpetual Monthly Calendar Color – Monday Start

Perpetual Monthly Calendar BW – Monday Start

Perpetual Monthly Calendar Color – Sunday Start

Perpetual Monthly Calendar BW – Sunday Start


Please note that these planner pages are for personal use only.