Free Printable Wedding Vendor Contact List

As you start researching and planning for your wedding, you will have to keep track of lots of different vendors’ contact information. These pages will help you keep track of all of the important vendor information in one place.

Wedding Vendor Contact List.jpg

Wedding Vendor Contact List pg 2

This is actually a 4-page spread, so that you have ample room for each individual vendor.

For each vendor, you can fill in the name of the company, phone number, address, and payment due date. There are also 2 check boxes to fill out when you pay your deposit, and when the full payment has been paid.

We have included contact spaces for 16 different commonly-used vendors, but have also given you 8 blank vendor spaces, should you have extra vendors for your special day.

Here are the PDFs:

Wedding Vendor Contact List Color

Wedding Vendor Contact List BW


Please note that these planner pages are for personal use only.


Free Printable Wedding Guest List Tracker

This is the start of a series of Wedding Planner pages, and since one of the first things you do when planning a wedding is start putting together a guest list, that would be a good place to start!

Wedding Guest List Color

It has room for the names and addresses of up to 31 guests per page. Plus, there are columns for you to keep track of whether invitations were sent, and what the RSVP response was. You can use the RSVP column to either write yes/no, or the number of guests coming with each party – it’s totally up to you!

Here are your PDFs:

Wedding Guest List Color

Wedding Guest List BW


Please note that these planner pages are for personal use only.